rainyrat, chaotic male human Wizard
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   ········  ###·                                                       
    ········· ·   ·                                                       
      ·····     ·                                                       
         ·   @f                                                              
        %    ··                                                              
        ·     ··                                                              

[Rainyrat the Thaumaturge]  St:11 Dx:13 Co:14 In:18 Wi:11 Ch:8  Chaotic
Mine Town:6  $:268 HP:0(48) Pw:33(63) AC:9  Exp:7 T:2239 Burdened

Latest messages

The dwarf swings his broad pick.
The dwarf hits!
In what direction?
The spell hits the dwarf!
You kill the dwarf!
There is a partly eaten gnome corpse here; eat it? [ynq] (n)
You resume your meal.
You finish eating the gnome corpse.
You hear a door open.
You are carrying too much to get through. (3x)
There are several objects here.
Unknown command '^J'.
The jaguar hits! (2x)
The jaguar bites!
The jaguar hits! (2x)
The jaguar bites!
Unknown command ' '.
What do you want to throw? [$aBCIL or ?*]
In what direction?
The potion of sleeping misses the jaguar.
A potion of sleeping shatters!
You smell a peculiar odor...
You feel rather tired.
The jaguar hits! (2x)
The jaguar bites!
The jaguar hits! (2x)
The jaguar bites!
You can move again.
The jaguar hits!
You die...

Your inventory


a - a blessed +1 quarterstaff (weapon in hands)*
B - 10 [uncursed +0] daggers
C - 2 [blessed +1] daggers
I - 4 [blessed +3] daggers
L - a [blessed +2] dagger


b - an uncursed +0 cloak of magic resistance (being worn)*
D - a [cursed -1] pair of hard shoes [iron]
G - an [uncursed +0] pair of hard shoes [iron]
J - an [uncursed +0] pair of hard shoes [iron]
M - an [uncursed +0] hard hat [dwarvish iron helm]
N - an [uncursed +0] pair of hard shoes [iron]
O - an [uncursed +0] pair of hard shoes [iron]


i - an uncursed scroll of enchant armor*
q - an [uncursed] scroll labeled GHOTI [of flood]
t - an [uncursed] scroll labeled VE FORBRYDERNE [of destroy armor]
v - an uncursed scroll of enchant weapon
A - an [uncursed] scroll labeled FNORD [of gold detection]
K - an [uncursed] scroll labeled XIXAXA XOXAXA XUXAXA [of magic mapping]


l - a blessed spellbook of force bolt*
m - an uncursed spellbook of cure blindness*


f - a blessed potion of object detection*
h - an uncursed potion of fruit juice*
o - a [blessed] magenta potion [of gain level]
x - an [uncursed] viscous potion [of invisibility]


d - an uncursed ring of protection from shape changers*
e - an uncursed +1 ring of increase damage*


c - an uncursed wand of probing (0:5)*


n - an uncursed blindfold*
y - an [uncursed] bag of tricks [0:4]
E - an [uncursed] key [skeleton key]


r - an [uncursed] white gem [worthless glass]

Final Attributes

Spells known in the end

force boltattack089
cure blindnesshealing4389

Vanquished creatures

64 creatures vanquished.

Voluntary challenges

Your skills at the end

Fighting Skills
Weapon Skills
Spellcasting Skills
attack spells[Basic]
enchantment spells[Basic]

Dungeon overview

Game information

Seed: u3th6mhb
Started: 2021-05-29 00:58:18
Ended: 2021-05-29 01:09:09
Play time: PT00:07:11


Goodbye rainyrat the Wizard...
You died in The Gnomish Mines on dungeon level 6 with 1536 points,
and 268 pieces of gold, after 2239 moves.
Killer: jaguar
You were level 7 with a maximum of 48 hit points when you died.
  1    2547338  richards-Wiz-Elf-Fem-Cha ascended to
                demigoddess-hood.                                     389 [480]
  2    2512964  richards-Val-Hum-Fem-Law ascended to
                demigoddess-hood.                                     698 [707]
  3    2120298  tertium-Arc-Hum-Mal-Neu defied the Gods and escaped
                the dungeon .                                         631 [631]

 99     144808  Talentless-Kni-Hum-Fem-Law died in The Dungeons of
                Doom on level 26.  Killed by a death ray.             109 [109]
 100     131564  Talentless-Hea-Gno-Mal-Neu died in The Dungeons of
                Doom on level 26 [max 27].  Killed by a vrock.          - [105]