fisted, chaotic male elven Wizard
                                   |.......|5                 -----            
                                   |...@...|4                 |...             
                                   |..@....|     ---------   --..---------     
                                |  |...A...|  | --.......-- --...|.......|     
                                |. ----%---- .| -....%...%---....|.......|     
                                |.....5%......| ...%.%....))%%[!)-..._...|     
                                ---....@5...--- -.........---....|.......|     
                                  -----H-----   --.......-- --...|.......|     
                                   -...&...      ----+----   --..---------     
                                  -..5.%0..  -------...|      |...             
                                 |...%.....  |.........|      -----            
                                  -..%...$. --%.)-------                       

[Fisted the Mage]         St:18 Dx:23 Co:16 In:25 Wi:25 Ch:18  Chaotic
Astral Plane $:337 HP:479(502) Pw:98(1532) AC:-40 Xp:30/243914944 T:91523

Latest messages

A potion of extra healing lands on the altar.
A potion of vampire blood lands on the altar.
There is a black flash as a potion of vampire blood hits the altar.
A ring of gain wisdom lands on the altar.
A wand of create monster lands on the altar.
A wand of fire lands on the altar.
A wand of magic missile lands on the altar. (2x)
A wand of sleep lands on the altar.
A wand of speed monster lands on the altar.
4 turquoise stones land on the altar.
3 worthless pieces of black glass land on the altar.
Your movements are now unencumbered.
Unknown command ' '. (31x)
There is the blessed Amulet of Yendor here; sacrifice it? [ynq] (n)
V - the blessed Amulet of Yendor.
The storm giant picks up a cursed mace.
Unknown command ' '.
You feel the amulet draining your energy away.
V - a blessed cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor.
Q - the cursed +5 Frost Brand.
That was all.
Unknown command ' '.
What do you want to sacrifice? [VW or ?*]
You offer the Amulet of Yendor to Anhur...
An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance...
The voice of Anhur thunders: "Congratulations, mortal!"
"In return for thy service, I grant thee the gift of Immortality!"
You ascend to the status of Demigod...

Your inventory


M - a blessed amulet of life saving
V - a blessed cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor
y - the blessed Eye of the Aethiopica


F - a blessed rustproof +6 dart
Q - the cursed +5 Frost Brand
a - the blessed rustproof +7 Magicbane (weapon in hand)
J - 46 blessed poisoned rustproof +6 darts (in quiver)


B - a blessed greased +5 chromatic dragon scale mail named sh+ac+pt+rf (being worn)
b - a blessed fireproof +5 cloak of protection (being worn)
A - a blessed greased fireproof +5 Hawaiian shirt (being worn)
Y - a blessed greased rustproof +5 helm of brilliance (being worn)
Z - an uncursed greased fireproof +5 pair of gauntlets of dexterity (being worn)
w - a blessed fireproof +5 pair of water walking boots (being worn)


k - an uncursed lembas wafer


H - a blessed greased ring of conflict named ev+pr+cr+fr+dr
d - a blessed ring of free action (on right hand)
e - an uncursed ring of slow digestion (on left hand)


z - an uncursed wand of death (0:1)
P - an uncursed wand of digging (0:8)


u - a blessed greased bag of holding named srs stuff
f - a blessed magic lamp named ak (lit)
C - a blessed sack named cancel
r - a blessed skeleton key named ak
o - a blessed stethoscope named ak
t - a blessed tinning kit named ak (0:37)
n - a blessed towel named ak
v - a blessed +0 unicorn horn named ak


L - a blessed luckstone named amp=lig;lev=col;taz=poi;gol=fir;sir=dis;sar=slp;wyv=acd

Contents of the bag of holding named srs stuff:

Contents of the sack named cancel:

Final Attributes

Spells known in the end

force boltattack0%
magic missileattack0%
cure blindness2*healing0%
finger of deathattack0%
charm monsterenchantment0%
detect monstersdivination0%
slow monsterenchantment0%
magic mappingdivination0%
detect treasuredivination0%
wizard lockmatter0%
create monster2*clerical0%
cause fearenchantment0%
detect unseendivination0%
cone of coldattack0%
extra healinghealing0%
haste selfescape0%
remove curseclerical0%
restore abilityhealing0%
teleport awayescape0%
turn undeadclerical55%

Vanquished creatures

4930 creatures vanquished.

Genocided or extinct species

3 species extinct.

Voluntary challenges

Your skills at the end

Fighting Skills
Weapon Skills
Spellcasting Skills
attack spells[Expert]
divination spells[Expert]
enchantment spells[Basic]
escape spells[Skilled]
matter spells[Expert]

Dungeon overview

Game information

Started: 2012-07-13 02:30:51
Ended: 2012-07-24 20:25:40
Play time: PT04:28:36


Goodbye fisted the Demigod...
You went to your reward with 2005316 points,
Magicbane (worth 3500 zorkmids and 8750 points),
Stormbringer (worth 8000 zorkmids and 20000 points),
The Eye of the Aethiopica (worth 4000 zorkmids and 10000 points),
Frost Brand (worth 3000 zorkmids and 7500 points),
23 amber stones (worth 23000 zorkmids),
16 amethyst stones (worth 9600 zorkmids),
13 obsidian stones (worth 2600 zorkmids),
11 black opals (worth 27500 zorkmids),
11 jasper stones (worth 5500 zorkmids),
10 jacinth stones (worth 32500 zorkmids),
10 turquoise stones (worth 20000 zorkmids),
10 aquamarine stones (worth 15000 zorkmids),
8 rubies (worth 28000 zorkmids),
8 sapphires (worth 24000 zorkmids),
8 citrine stones (worth 12000 zorkmids),
7 dilithium crystals (worth 31500 zorkmids),
5 emeralds (worth 12500 zorkmids),
5 chrysoberyl stones (worth 3500 zorkmids),
5 garnet stones (worth 3500 zorkmids),
4 fluorite stones (worth 1600 zorkmids),
3 diamonds (worth 12000 zorkmids),
3 jet stones (worth 2550 zorkmids),
3 agate stones (worth 600 zorkmids),
2 topaz stones (worth 1800 zorkmids),
2 opals (worth 1600 zorkmids),
2 jade stones (worth 600 zorkmids),
7 amulets of life saving (worth 1050 zorkmids),
1 amulet of unchanging (worth 150 zorkmids),
1 amulet of magical breathing (worth 150 zorkmids),
1 cheap plastic imitation of the Amulet of Yendor (worth 0 zorkmids),
and 8413 pieces of gold, after 91523 moves.
Killer: ascended
You were level 30 with a maximum of 502 hit points when you ascended.
You made the top ten list!
 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  1    2005316  fisted-Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha ascended to demigod-hood.      479 [502]
  2    1955402  BlastHardc-Val-Dwa-Fem-Law ascended to
                demigoddess-hood.                                     420 [420]
  3    1674838  boxo-Con-Orc-Fem-Cha defied the Gods and escaped the
                dungeon .                                             330 [384]