ctaboir, lawful female dwarven Valkyrie
                                                              |.3.    1 4      
                                                        .-- --514|...@...|     
                                      -+-             ....---%5.1|w..@a..|     
                                       .            ......@A@qAwa-..a@...|     
                        ...            .           .......---..%1|.......|     
                         .          ---|---        ..%...-- --.51|.a.@...|     
                       --+--         .....         --|----   --..---------5    
                       |...-------  ......   -------...|      |5..       5     
                       |.."......|  .....    |.........|      -----            
                       -------...--.......  --...-------                       
                             |....-- ..... --....|                             

Ctaboir the Swashbuckler St:25 Dx:16 Co:20 In:16 Wi:15 Ch:11 Lawful S:594302
Astral Plane $:0  HP:232(239) Pw:51(51) AC:-42 Xp:21/10032089 T:44149 Satiated

Latest messages

The leocrotta hits!
"Methinks thou wert unnaturally stirred by yon corpse back there, eh, varlet?"
"Thinkest thou it shall tickle as I rip out thy lungs?"
The leocrotta misses.
The leocrotta misses.
The leocrotta misses.
Pick an object.
@ a human or elf (peaceful high priest) [seen: normal vision, infravision]
You hear some noises in the distance.
The killer bee turns to flee!
The purple worm turns to flee!
The giant beetle turns to flee!
The Angel of Loki picks up a knife.
There is an altar to Tyr (lawful) here.
A - the blessed Amulet of Yendor named bhaak.
You offer the Amulet of Yendor to Tyr...
An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance...
The voice of Tyr booms out: "Congratulations, mortal!"
"In return for thy service, I grant thee the gift of Immortality!"
You ascend to the status of Demigoddess...

Your inventory


I - a cursed amulet of life saving (being worn)


a - the blessed rustproof +7 Mjollnir (weapon in hand)
Q - a blessed +6 silver spear (alternate weapon; not wielded)


d - a blessed fireproof +5 cloak of magic resistance (being worn)
g - a blessed fireproof +4 pair of speed boots (being worn)
q - a blessed thoroughly rotted fireproof +4 T-shirt (being worn)
B - a blessed rustproof +4 pair of gauntlets of power (being worn)
G - a blessed +5 reflecting dragon scale mail (being worn)
H - a blessed rustproof +5 helm of brilliance (being worn)
W - a blessed +5 shield of reflection (being worn)


v - an uncursed ring of levitation
y - an uncursed ring of free action (on right hand)
J - an uncursed ring of slow digestion (on left hand)
Y - an uncursed ring of teleport control


e - an uncursed wand of death (0:6)
f - an uncursed rusty wand of cold (0:5)
t - an uncursed wand of death (0:2)
z - an uncursed wand of secret door detection (0:7)
F - a cursed wand of teleportation (0:2)
K - an uncursed wand of death (0:0)
R - an uncursed wand of lightning (0:7)
X - an uncursed wand of slow monster (0:7)
Z - an uncursed wand of teleportation (0:0)


b - an uncursed blindfold
h - the blessed Orb of Fate (1:5)
j - a blessed magic marker (1:40)
k - an uncursed skeleton key
l - an uncursed magic lamp
o - a blessed bag of holding
s - an uncursed stethoscope
u - a blessed +0 unicorn horn
C - an uncursed sack named /!\ CANCEL /!\
N - an uncursed can of grease (0:4)

Contents of the bag of holding:

Contents of the sack named /!\ CANCEL /!\:

Final Attributes

Spells known in the end

bcone of cold4attack100%
chaste self3escape100%
dmagic missile2attack100%
eteleport away6escape100%
hdetect monsters1divination100%
iforce bolt1attack100%
jdetect unseen3divination100%

Vanquished creatures

2130 creatures vanquished.

Genocided or extinct species

master mind flayers master liches arch-liches disenchanters disintegrators erinyes (extinct) giant eels electric eels krakens 8 species genocided. 1 species extinct.

Voluntary challenges

Your skills at the end

Fighting Skills
Weapon Skills
long sword[Skilled]
Spellcasting Skills

Game information

Started: 2010-07-13 21:22:21
Ended: 2010-07-19 14:19:33
Play time: 87:22


Farvel ctaboir the Demigoddess...
You went to your reward with 1207804 points,
Mjollnir (worth 4000 zorkmids and 10000 points) The Orb of Fate (worth 3500 zorkmids and 8750 points) 3 amulets of life saving (worth 450 zorkmids),
and 0 pieces of gold, after 44149 moves.
Killer: ascended
You were level 21 with a maximum of 239 hit points when you ascended.
You made the top ten list!
 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  1    2328592  spontiff-Val-Dwa-Mal-Law ascended to demigod-hood.    430 [433]
  2    1970464  Kwirq-Wiz-Gno-Mal-Neu ascended to demigod-hood.       391 [402]
  3    1467082  Souai-Tou-Hum-Mal-Neu ascended to demigod-hood.       152 [152]

  8    1307424  casmith789-Cav-Dwa-Fem-Law ascended to
                demigoddess-hood.                                     168 [175]
  9    1266414  flipdagger-Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha ascended to demigod-hood.  119 [119]
 10    1207804  ctaboir-Val-Dwa-Fem-Law ascended to demigoddess-hood. 232 [239]
 11    1172072  Souai-Wiz-Elf-Mal-Cha ascended to demigod-hood.       219 [219]
 12    1060929  firemonkey-Wiz-Gno-Mal-Neu ascended to demigod-hood.  335 [353]