RealPorkman, neutral female vampiric Convict
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[RealPorkm the Felon]   St:18/85 Dx:11 Co:18 In:12 Wi:18 Ch:9  Neutral
Astral Plane $:0  HP:390(390) Pw:242(274) AC:-44 Exp:27 T:75509 Satiated

Latest messages

You bite the xorn.
The xorn attacks a spot beside you.
The xorn swings wildly and misses!
The xorn strikes at thin air!
The xorn snaps wildly and misses!
G - the cursed Amulet of Yendor named Convicts > Chao (weapon in hand).
i - a partly eaten chickatrice corpse (alternate weapon; not wielded).
The xorn hits! (3x)
The xorn misses.
Unknown command ' '.
What do you want to wield? [- qtwE or ?*]
q - the blessed +7 Grayswandir (weapon in hand).
Unknown command ' '. (2x)
You kill the xorn!
The captain picks up a runed bow.
The captain picks up 14 runed arrows.
There is an altar to Grumbar (neutral) here.
What do you want to use or apply? [a-cgjl-nr-tw-yB-DH-JNOR-UXY or ?*]
f - an uncursed scroll of blank paper.
You hear a chugging sound.
Unknown command ' '.
What do you want to use or apply? [a-cgjl-nr-tw-yB-DH-JNOR-UXY or ?*]
Never mind.
What do you want to sacrifice? [iG or ?*]
You offer the Amulet of Yendor to Grumbar...
An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance...
The voice of Grumbar thunders: "Congratulations, mortal!"
"In return for thy service, I grant thee the gift of Immortality!"
You ascend to the status of Demigoddess...

Your inventory


h - an uncursed amulet of life saving (being worn)
Z - the blessed greased Eye of the Aethiopica


q - the blessed +7 Grayswandir (weapon in hand)
E - the cursed rustproof +0 Magicbane


d - a blessed fireproof +5 robe (being worn)
e - an uncursed thoroughly burnt +4 small shield (being worn)*
p - a blessed +4 striped shirt (being worn)*
v - a blessed fireproof +6 leather hat [elven leather helm] (being worn)
K - an uncursed fireproof +5 pair of speed boots (being worn)
V - an uncursed fireproof +5 pair of fencing gloves [leather] (being worn)
W - a blessed greased +4 reflecting dragon scale mail (being worn)


i - a [blessed] partly eaten chickatrice corpse (alternate weapon; not wielded)


f - an uncursed scroll of blank paper


u - an uncursed potion called healing [of healing]
A - a blessed potion of full healing
Q - a blessed potion called vampblood [of vampire blood]


k - an uncursed ring of teleport control
o - an uncursed ring of regeneration
z - a cursed ring called sust abil [of sustain ability]
F - an uncursed ring of polymorph control
L - an uncursed ring of free action (on right hand)
M - an uncursed ring of slow digestion (on left hand)
P - a cursed ring of polymorph


g - a cursed octagonal wand [of light] (0:10)
l - an uncursed wand of digging [0:1]
m - a cursed wand of death [0:4]
n - an uncursed porcelain wand [of secret door detection (0:11)]
r - a blessed wand of digging (0:0)
D - a cursed wand of death [0:2]
H - an uncursed wand of digging [0:3]
I - an uncursed wand of death (0:2)
J - an uncursed wand of lightning (0:3)
S - an uncursed balsa wand [of polymorph] (0:0)
T - an uncursed wand of digging [0:8]
Y - a cursed wand of fire (0:3)


a - an uncursed magic whistle
b - a blessed [oil] lamp
c - the uncursed Bell of Opening (0:1)
j - an uncursed magic marker (0:76)
s - the cursed Candelabrum of Invocation (7 candles attached)
t - a blessed +0 unicorn horn
w - a cursed +6 crystal pick
x - an uncursed bag named Cancellation [sack]
y - a cursed lock pick
B - an uncursed stethoscope
C - a blessed magic marker (1:12)
O - an uncursed magic marker (1:4)
R - a blessed greased bag [of holding]
U - an uncursed towel
X - an uncursed [wax] candle


N - an uncursed luckstone

Contents of the sack named Cancellation:

Contents of the bag of holding:

Final Attributes

Spells known in the end

magic mapping5*divination97%0%
remove curse3*clerical0%0%
haste self3*escape0%0%
cure blindness2*healing0%0%
confuse monster2*enchantment0%0%
force boltattack0%60%
magic missileattack0%74%
detect unseendivination0%73%
drain life2*attack0%0%
create monsterclerical0%74%
stone to flesh3*healing0%0%
cure sickness3*healing0%0%
extra healinghealing0%13%
detect fooddivination0%18%
charm monsterenchantment0%48%
restore abilityhealing90%56%
detect treasuredivination90%71%
wizard lockmatter0%72%
slow monsterenchantment0%72%

Vanquished creatures

4657 creatures vanquished.

Genocided or extinct species

7 species genocided.
4 species extinct.

Voluntary challenges

Your skills at the end

Fighting Skills
Weapon Skills
Spellcasting Skills

Dungeon overview

Game information

Started: 2013-09-15 19:20:23
Ended: 2013-09-17 00:35:04
Play time: PT05:53:18


Goodbye RealPorkman the Demigoddess...
You went to your reward with 1824244 points,
The Bell of Opening (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points),
Grayswandir (worth 8000 zorkmids and 20000 points),
The Candelabrum of Invocation (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points),
Magicbane (worth 3500 zorkmids and 8750 points),
Demonbane (worth 2500 zorkmids and 6250 points),
The Eye of the Aethiopica (worth 4000 zorkmids and 10000 points),
18 turquoise stones (worth 36000 zorkmids),
5 amethyst stones (worth 3000 zorkmids),
4 diamonds (worth 16000 zorkmids),
4 rubies (worth 14000 zorkmids),
4 emeralds (worth 10000 zorkmids),
4 garnet stones (worth 2800 zorkmids),
4 fluorite stones (worth 1600 zorkmids),
4 jade stones (worth 1200 zorkmids),
3 amber stones (worth 3000 zorkmids),
3 topaz stones (worth 2700 zorkmids),
3 chrysoberyl stones (worth 2100 zorkmids),
3 jasper stones (worth 1500 zorkmids),
2 citrine stones (worth 3000 zorkmids),
2 obsidian stones (worth 400 zorkmids),
1 agate stone (worth 200 zorkmids),
3 amulets of life saving (worth 450 zorkmids),
1 amulet of restful sleep (worth 150 zorkmids),
1 amulet of change (worth 150 zorkmids),
1 amulet of reflection (worth 150 zorkmids),
and 0 pieces of gold, after 75509 moves.
Killer: ascended
You were level 27 with a maximum of 390 hit points when you ascended.
You made the top ten list!
 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
* 1    1824244  RealPorkma-Con-Vam-Fem-Neu ascended to                         
                demigoddess-hood.                                     390 [390]
  2    1507452  Joshu-Val-Dwa-Fem-Law ascended to demigoddess-hood.   170 [295]
  3    1315488  aaxelb-Wiz-Gno-Mal-Neu ascended to demigod-hood.      195 [195]