Adeon, chaotic male orcish Barbarian
                                   ···@···                  ···             
                                   ·V@·)·@                 %·     
                                  ·······               ··········     
                                · · ·          ····%%······     
                                ······A······      !·%··%$%%$%%))·Ω···     
                                ·········     ······$·%········     
                                         ····· ··········     
                                      ·····        +   ··     
                                      ·····    ···       ···             
                                      ·····   ···%·····                   
                                      ·%··    ···                         
                                      ····  ····                             

[Adeon the Raider]         St:25 Dx:18 Co:18 In:8 Wi:14 Ch:6  Chaotic
Astral Plane $:0  HP:185(191) Pw:35(35) AC:-41 Exp:16 T:26400

Latest messages

Paul the Patriarch wields a long sword named Vorpal Blade!
You hear a chugging sound.
The high priest of Crom? wields a mace!
The mace welds itself to the high priest of Set?'s hand!
Unknown command ' '.
Paul the Patriarch throws a shuriken!
You are almost hit by a shuriken.
Your displaced image doesn't fool the high priest of Set!
The high priest of Set strikes at your invisible displaced image and misses you! (2x)
The high priest of Set casts a spell at thin air!
The high priest of Set points and curses at your displaced image.
The high priest of Set strikes at your invisible displaced image and misses you! (2x)
The high priest of Set points and curses at your displaced image. (2x)
Unknown command ' '. (6x)
Pick an object.
@ a human or elf (priest called Paul the Patriarch) [seen: normal vision, infravision]
You hear a chugging sound.
Paul the Patriarch throws a shuriken!
Unknown command ' '.
The high priest of Set swings his mace at the vampire.
The high priest of Set hits the vampire. (2x)
Unknown command ' '. (7x)
There is an altar to Set (chaotic) here.
What do you want to sacrifice? [qz or ?*]
You offer the Amulet of Yendor to Set...
An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance...
The voice of Set booms: "Congratulations, mortal!"
"In return for thy service, I grant thee the gift of Immortality!"
You ascend to the status of Demigod...

Your inventory


K - an uncursed amulet of life saving (being worn)


o - the blessed rustproof +7 Frost Brand (weapon in hand)


g - an uncursed fireproof +0 pair of water walking boots
t - an uncursed thoroughly burnt +4 oilskin cloak (being worn)
u - a blessed +4 pair of gauntlets of power (being worn)
A - a blessed burnt +4 pair of speed boots (being worn)
E - a blessed +5 magic dragon scale mail (being worn)
F - an uncursed +4 Hawaiian shirt (being worn)
G - an uncursed greased rusty +4 dwarvish iron helm (being worn)
W - a blessed greased +4 shield of reflection (being worn)


q - an uncursed lizard corpse


C - the uncursed Book of the Dead


l - a blessed greased ring called conflict [of conflict] (on right hand)
p - an uncursed ring of levitation
M - an uncursed ring of polymorph control
V - an uncursed ring of slow digestion (on left hand)


b - an uncursed wand of secret door detection (0:2)
e - an uncursed wand of teleportation (0:5)
i - an uncursed rusty wand of cancellation (0:3)
m - an uncursed wand of death (0:1)
n - an uncursed wand of locking (0:6)
y - an uncursed wand of secret door detection (0:0)
D - an uncursed wand of striking (0:2)
H - an uncursed wand of digging (0:0)
J - an uncursed wand of slow monster (0:7)
O - an uncursed wand of digging (0:4)
P - an uncursed wand of fire (0:1)
Q - a cursed wand of death (0:0)
T - an uncursed wand of create monster (0:14)
U - a cursed wand of teleportation (0:5)
X - an uncursed wand of probing (0:7)


a - an uncursed stethoscope
c - an uncursed sack
f - a blessed +0 unicorn horn
j - an uncursed magic marker (1:7)
k - an uncursed frost horn (0:0)
r - a blessed greased [rustproof] can of grease [0:20]
s - an uncursed corroded +0 pick-axe (alternate weapon; not wielded)
v - an uncursed skeleton key
w - the cursed Candelabrum of Invocation (7 candles attached)
x - a blessed bag of holding
I - an uncursed towel
L - an uncursed oilskin sack
N - an uncursed magic marker (1:1)
Y - the uncursed Bell of Opening (0:2)


R - a blessed luckstone
Z - the blessed Heart of Ahriman
The sack is empty.

Contents of the bag of holding:

The oilskin sack is empty.

Final Attributes

Spells known in the end


Vanquished creatures

1408 creatures vanquished.

Genocided or extinct species

3 species genocided.
1 species extinct.

Voluntary challenges

Your skills at the end

Fighting Skills
bare handed combat[Basic]
Weapon Skills
long sword[Skilled]
two-handed sword[Basic]
Spellcasting Skills

Dungeon overview

Game information

Started: 2011-12-11 04:48:08
Ended: 2011-12-11 09:08:28
Play time: PT04:19:48


Goodbye Adeon the Demigod...
You went to your reward with 1027086 points,
Frost Brand (worth 3000 zorkmids and 7500 points),
The Candelabrum of Invocation (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points),
The Book of the Dead (worth 10000 zorkmids and 25000 points),
The Bell of Opening (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points),
The Heart of Ahriman (worth 2500 zorkmids and 6250 points),
4 emeralds (worth 10000 zorkmids),
3 amethyst stones (worth 1800 zorkmids),
2 rubies (worth 7000 zorkmids),
1 diamond (worth 4000 zorkmids),
1 topaz stone (worth 900 zorkmids),
2 amulets of life saving (worth 300 zorkmids),
and 0 pieces of gold, after 26400 moves.
Killer: ascended
You were level 16 with a maximum of 191 hit points when you ascended.
You made the top ten list!
 No  Points     Name                                                   Hp [max]
  1    1065750  puddi-Wiz-Hum-Fem-Cha died in Gehennom on level 39
                [max 49].  Killed by a touch of death.               3288 [3288]
  2    1033372  Adeon-Rog-Orc-Mal-Cha ascended to demigod-hood.       123 [125]
  3    1027086  Adeon-Bar-Orc-Mal-Cha ascended to demigod-hood.       185 [191]
  4     881146  Adeon-Cav-Gno-Fem-Neu ascended to demigoddess-hood.   103 [125]
  5     865652  Adeon-Kni-Dwa-Fem-Law ascended to demigoddess-hood.   190 [190]